Welcome to our maiden voyage into yet another space by which we’ll completely define our own self-worth!! 


letter from your editors

There’s a dearth in coverage of LGBTQ people’s lives — and a dearth in getting to write and talk about these things in media.

The Bottom Line started, like most important things in the world, as a garbage tweet because Danny thought the pun was funny. But we had been working on a way to collect all the smart essays, deep-dive investigations, and trashy, slutty queer stuff of the internet into one place. We also wanted to break down the ugly, gross, garbage takes that get it really wrong. A weekly newsletter seemed like a decent place to start.

Every Monday, you’ll find us in your inbox with a recap of key news from different publications, a splash of original content, and our favorite moments from pop culture that week to give you the Bottom Line™ of the news.

This lil endeavor is brought to you by your two editors: Danny Nett and Christianna Silva, who met in the summer of 2017 as two insufferable people at an NPR intern party who linked up to talk about gay stuff and ignore everyone else. Danny is a queer social media producer, occasional reporter, and resident Ariana gay at NPR in Washington. Christianna, a cisgender bisexual writer and editor, covered civil rights with a focus on LGBTQ issues for Newsweek before moving to Arizona where she covers politics for Teen Vogue and is an associate editor at PHOENIX magazine.

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Christianna and Danny

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